Kaohsiung Port

Kaohsiung Port is the biggest port in Taiwan. From the 85 Building, tourists can have a good view. If you take the Star Cruise and embark at this port, you can have a 1/2 day tour for this city. There are some places to visit near this port:

Kaohsiung Yancheng Port: You can take a small sightseeing boat at night

Old Dagou Train Station: it was the old train station 100 years ago; from there you can find many factories near this train station. Nearby there are many stores to sell icecreams, bottle waters, child toys... etc. From 2006, the Kaohsiung city closed this train station and in 2010, it became a sightseeing place.

Hongmaogang Culture Park: Local Taiwanese called westerners Hongmaogang. It means red hair. If you like to watch the sea, there is a restaurant to have a drink. You can also rent a voice guide tool to guide you. There used to have a village, so you can find old houses in this culture park.